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Aluminex line by CCL Container

Introducing the Next Generation Aluminum Bottle Design

It's Aluminex and it's about to take the beverage industry by storm.

CCL Container's Aluminex line is the next generation of aluminum beverage bottle design, featuring full-body shaped contours. Already, a growing number of marketers have turned to CCL for aluminum beverage bottles, or bottlecans as they have come to be known.

Currently, two design formats of Aluminex are available and ready for commercial production: the Road House and Tailgater.

The Road House is available in two styles: the first resembles an American Icon - the long-neck bottle, only its 100% aluminum; and the Stubby. The Tailgater delivers a totally distinctive shape with smooth contours and the unique texture of aluminum.

The new shapes are a true new dimension in packaging for the beverage industry. Add to that the other inherent benefits of aluminum packaging: chill-retention, re-sealability, recyclable and durability plus vibrant multi-color lithography, for a truly unique packaging option.

Marketers are already buzzing about Aluminex for line extensions, limited edition or specialty product releases, in addition to next generation beverages that the Aluninex line is a perfect fit for.

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STORY: What's New For Aluminex STORY: What's New For Aluminex

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